How to Recover Data

By December 3, 2016Uncategorized

Do you know that dreaded feeling of plugging in an external hard drive where you kept music, photos, and more only for your computer to NOT recognize? It may say something like “Failed to mount.” What does this mean, and what should you do?


First, it most likely means that a part, not all, of your hard drive has experienced some type of damage. That damage can be from general wear and tear, corrosion from liquids, or common water spills/submersions.

If you ever experience this, I have one word: STOP! The more you try to access the data, by unplugging and plugging back in or giving it to others to do, the more you’re going to cause damage to the drive.

Unplug the drive from your computer and contact us immediately. We partner with the industry leading data recovery service in California who will provide a free diagnostics. Contact us immediately immediately by using the form HERE!


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