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I often get the question, “So exactly what do you do?”. I want to devote this point to explaining the services I offer clients and why. To give a broad, simple answer, I usually just say that I provide complete IT support for small businesses. With that people often think my sole job is to keep computers up and running, but I provide much more services than that.

When I meet with business, I start with two questions: what are the biggest pain points in your business, and do you have a technology budget? These two questions help me gauge exactly what I can offer them of value to their immediate need(s) but also where we can grow their technology uses.

As you can see, I develop very customized solutions tailored to each client. For one client, it could be updating and maintaining current hardware and for another, it could be introducing brand new technology to streamline workflows.

Here is a brief list of my offerings, but all of my solutions are custom tailored to each client.

  • Cloud-based app solutions for particular industries
  • Email hosting
  • Website development and hosting
  • Purchasing of hardware and software
  • Personalized training
  • Management of office equipment, including 24/7 monitoring and cloud backup
  • Network configuration
  • Hourly or monthly maintenance plans

Many of the businesses I support have struggled to navigate the world of technology, my goal is always been the same since day one – to make technology enjoyable and productive part of people’s lives. If you have any questions or want to discuss pain-points in your business, please contact me by clicking the GREEN button and completing the form!

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