Technology Should Be Easy

By March 4, 2017technology

I have the opportunity to work with a lot of people in a lot of different industries, and the problem is always the same – how do I make technology work? What the underlying question is “How is technology suppose to make my life easier?” Companies make big announcements about the “ease of use” and often people spend more time trying to “figure it out” than actually using the product.


I want to propose two solutions. First, hire someone to help you make and implement the right decisions. Technology is an ever changing industry, and it’s virtually impossible to stay up with the latest and greatest. A true technology consultant will have a pulse on the industry and make appropriate recommendations. They will do the homework for you.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to abandon technology that is just not working. People will often talk about the amount of time and money invested to make something work, but in the end, that technology has costed them more than the value added to the business. Treat it as a learning experience. The next time you look for something, I guarantee you’ll know exactly what you need!

You started a business with a passion for something. My passion is to bring technology to your business to streamline and automateĀ as much of the mundane items that detract you from the work you enjoy!

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