Brand New Service to Support Clients

By March 23, 2017Uncategorized

Over the last 4 years, I have wanted to create a service that is both affordable for businesses and can sustain my company. That is not an easy formula, but after much time at the drawing board, I am pleased to introduce DIY I.T. It’s managed services, but you do the managing.

I have put together a suite of tools that are used by my industry. Normally, I. T. companies charge huge fees monthly to deploy these in businesses, but I am offering them at a low monthly cost.

What all do they entail? Well, they cover 24/7 monitoring for any issues related to your computer(s), continuous cloud backup so your data is always safe, and unlimited ticketed support related to issues we detect!

I have always wanted MIS to feel more like a partner and less like a financial burden to companies. By offering all of these powerful tools at a low cost, I hope more and more companies feel confident in the technology that drives their business every day!

To get started, check out the new website!

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