Apple’s Earning Report

By August 3, 2017Apple

How would you like to have $261,500,000,000.00 in the bank? That’s the amount of cash Apple has on-hand at all times. That’s a staggering figure. As the world’s most valuable company, they have enough money to do pretty much ANYTHING.

According to a recent article, this is how you can put that figure into perspective:

  • If you decide to withdrawal the money from the ATM, with the maximum daily limit of $300, it would take you 2.4 million years to withdrawal it all.
  • If you could withdrawal it all, there would not be enough U.S. 20-dollar bills in circulation to cover your balance.
  • If you spent $1 million every single day, it would take you 716 years to spend it all. Conversely, if you only lived another 50 years, you would need to spend $14.3 million every single day to die with a zero balance.
  • If you had all of the cash in $100 bills, it would take 2,560 crates or pallets, about three feet tall, to store it all.

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