Clothing boutiques, lawn care services, hardware stores, and other small businesses open because they have a passion to connect with people and provide a need. As a small business owner myself, I know it’s not long before the reality of owning a business sets ins – the unlimited amount of paperwork, the relentless management of schedules, and more. And while we do these tasks to keep the business going, they can often make us forget why we started in the first place.

We provide free one hour consultation to see if these are a good fit.

Expert-smallVend is a point-of-sale (POS) system that handles every aspect of the retail environment. From managing inventory to taking payments to in-depth reporting, Vend’s simplicity makes managing your business a breeze. Here are a few key qualities:

  • Keep your current hardware or replace it with iPads
  • Cloud-based (no worries about data loss or maintaining backups)
  • Access anywhere
  • Provide freedom from the counter
  • eCommerce built-in

logo (1)Scheduling, employee time management, etc. are time consuming tasks. How much time can you save by automating these arduous but necessary duties? Welcome,
Deputy. Deputy allows you to input basic information about employees, a basic schedule, and the rest is up to employees. If someone calls in sick, just notify others there is an available shift. The first one to claim gets the shift. It’s that simple!

xero-authorised-integrator-logo-RGBXero is the leading accounting software in the world. By integrating Deputy and Vend into Xero, you can drastically reduce paper and the headache of manual calculations. Xero can handle your reconciliation of transaction, payroll, invoicing, and much more!


Do I need a separate account for each app?

Yes. Each app requires a separate account and separate, monthly subscription.

Are they expensive?

For a single retail location of 6 people, the cost is less than $200/month. By automating tasks, you’re saving huge amounts each month.

Am I locked into contracts?

Absolutely not. None of these solutions require a contract. They are all month-to-month. But once you start using them, we think you’ll be impressed with just how much they change your retail environment.

Do I have to set these up on my own?

No way! We are here to support you through the entire process – from migrating/importing data to ongoing training. We are here to see you make a successful transition and see your company grow!

How ``reachable`` are you?

Our plans include chat support through our website, a priority based ticketing system, and of course onsite support and training. We are here to see you succeed in technology!

I'm a real do-it-myselfer!

We want to see you succeed at this transition but understand there are a lot of factors that may encourage you to give it a go yourself. While we provide the initial setup of the account, for FREE, all of these partners have excellent on-boarding teams.

Your services sound expensive.

As a small business ourselves, we know that you work within a tight budget. While we have a set price for our services, we also don’t want our costs to hinder your growth. We’re happy to work with you to implement these solutions.

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